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Thanksgiving Hours



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Dump Closure


The Town dump will be closing at 3 pm on Saturday, August 28th 

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The Town of Buffalo has uploaded the most commonly used Ordinances. To view them you can go under the Government tab, Code compliance, and Ordinances. Unfortunately the Zoning Ordinance is too large to upload but is available in the Town Office if you need a copy. 

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Electronic Read Water Meters


The installation of the new electronic read water meters has begun! Eventually all meters will become automatic reads which means you will no longer have to read your water meters. Ryan Smith has been installing some test meters and Prairie Land Consulting has been contracted to install the remainder. When you recieve your first bill with the new readers you may see a slight increase in your utility bill. This is because the meters read on the 20th of each month whereas most people read their meters closer to the beginning of the month. This will straighten out the next billing cycle. Call the Town office with any questions. 

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It is that time of year that mowing the grass needs to be done. All lots in town must be mowed and kept at a reasonable length. Also lawns/lots should be kept clear of litter, debris, junk cars, etc. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our town looking nice.

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Dump Hours


Now that we have "sprung ahead" on time the dump hours are as follows:  Tuesday & Thursday 3:00PM - 6:30PM and Saturdays 11:00AM - 6:30PM

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Meter Readings


To insure your water bill is correct please include a meter reading with your payment. Meter readings may also be e-mailed to or texted to 605-269-1811 Be sure to identify which account the reading is for. Not giving a monthly meter reading will result in inaccurate bills. Thank you!

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Utility Bills


Bills paid after the 20th of the month may not be reflected on the following month's bill. 

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Bill Pay Meter Reading


If you are using the online bill pay please e-mail meter reading to or text them to 605-269-1811. Remember to state your account name. Thank you!

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